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Massage Green Spa
Hot Stone Massage    
$25.00 (Full Body) / $20.00 (Mini- Upper Body)
Hot stone encourages blood flow throughout the body, and has a calming effect relieving pain and stress from the muscles. 

*A 90 Minute or 120 Minute Massage is required for a Full Body Hot Stone. A Mini Hot Stone can be done in a 60 Minute Massage or shorter*

CBD with Menthol    
Clean Remedies 450 mg Full Spectrum Menthol Hemp Extract relieves aches and pains. 

Clean Remedies 900 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in grapeseed carrier oil.

Hot Towel Treatment    
This treatment helps to release tension from muscles.

*Members receive this treatment complimentary in each session

Rock Tape Therapy    

$15 for first 3 ft. | $5 per additional foot 

Kinesiology tape used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner's knee, and back pain. Also great for prenatal support. It microscopically lifts the skin  away from the muscles and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. 

Click here for  educational information.

Increases healing powers and reduces stress; includes inhalation and/or topical application.



Menthol pain-relieving gel applied to relieve tension deep within the muscles. 

Warming oil applied to allow access to the deeper layer of muscle fibers.

BioFreeze & Prossage Combination


​Prossage applied with hot towels and BioFreeze.

Ayurvedic Hot Oil Scalp Treatment
Moisturizes the scalp and stimulates hair growth; peppermint or tea tree oil.

Hand Scrub / Foot Scrub
$10.00 / $12.00
Exfoliating treatment for the hands and/or feet including application of body butter.

Collagen Producing Sheet Mask  Treatment  


​Different types of Dermal Collagen face masks available, each have multiple benefits for the skin.

Scalp Treatment 


Peppermint or Tea Tree warm oil massaged into scalp. Promotes hair growth, moisturizes the scalp and relieves stress. 

Dead Sea Mud Mask/Scrub Treatment


Dead Sea mud mask offers multiple benefits including exfoliation and detox.

Couple's Suite 

Share your experience with a loved one in our couple's suite or treat someone to this special room all to themselves. Includes a water feature and digital fireplace. Sauna also available in suite to have your entire spa experience in one room!